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CBC Uniform Information

Each teams compliment of uniform items is determined by that teams coaches. Possible uniform items include:

  • Reversible CBC practice pinnie $25
  • Reversible CBC game jersey with players last name on back $50
  • Reversible CBC game shorts $50
  • CBC shooter shirt $50

We have shopped extensively for the highest quality, most cost effective and reliable uniforms and suppliers. We use the same design year over year so players can use their uniform as long as it fits them and is in good shape. We hope that older siblings will pass them down to their younger brothers and sisters when they start playing for CBC. CBC makes virtually nothing on the sale of uniforms. Our cost for the pinnies is just over $25. 

The game jerseys, shorts and shooter shirts are fully sublimated, i.e. the colors, design, name and numbers are dyed into the fabric not heat pressed or sewn on. This makes them cooler and lighter and prevents running and peeling of the design.

The shooter shirts are long sleeve and have the players name and number on them. They are designed to fit loosely over the jersey e.g. a YL shooter shirt should fit loosely over a YL jersey. Our new shooter shirts are slightly different than last years model due to that product no longer being available. Both version are approved for wear as a uniform item. (See difference below).

Please carefully review the sizing chart below which is the garment sizing. Measure your child. We use men's and boys uniforms for both the boys and girls because they are looser fitting than the girls uniform sizes. Don't go by other clothing or uniform sizes. These are fully personalized/customized uniforms that cost a lot of money and take 4 weeks from order to delivery which impacts early season games and tournaments. For that reason we need you to register early and be very accurate with your uniform inputs. The families are responsible for accurate names, number requests and sizes. We've had families spell their own last name wrong in the past! Be clear about capital and lowercase letters and punctuation.